A revolutionary, renewable energy franchise opportunity for farmers & entrepreneurs across the nation.

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From farm waste, to heating pellets, to ash used as fertilizer.

A exclusive* opportunity for farmers and entrepreneurs.
Betsy's Bricks helps farms lower costs and increase revenues by producing a biofuel made from 100% recycled cow or horse manure.

  • Highly efficient, full-cycle, and fully established business model
  • Cutting-edge technologies and expert marketing and business support
  • Nationwide expansion opportunity for select farmers and investors
Full Cycle

An eco-friendly heating alternative for homes.
Betsy's Bricks heating pellets help eliminate greenhouse gases while providing homeowners with a less expensive solution than traditional heating oil or gas heat.

  • Unique alternative, renewable energy source
  • Broad potential customer base - homeowners, garden centers, hardware stores and more

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Our Company

The Besty's Bricks Team

Several years ago, while traveling abroad on business, one of our founders was surprised to discover that a local factory was using manure for heating purposes - and that it was a remarkably efficient, clean solution. We immediately recognized the potential in developing a similar solution right here in the United States.

After long hours working, researching and developing - and always focusing on excellence - our parent company, Manure Technologies, Inc., engineered and fully tested an amazing, patent-pending process, which converts cow and horse waste into eco-friendly, odor-free heating pellets that can be burned safely to heat homes with pellet stoves. The result is Betsy's Bricks - a streamlined, innovative, and timely business concept.

Green Company of the Year
Manure Technologies is clearly leading the charge for local sustainability. There are few perfect business models but helping to pair local farmers with local franchises to lower costs and increase revenues, the Manure Technologies team should be very proud of their accomplishments.

Dawn Fordyce, Managing Director for the Business Intelligence Group.